Earthy Entities For The Challenges Of The 21st Century

Earthy Entities For The Challenges Of The 21st Century aim to bring the archaic power of ritual and magical objects back into our modern lives. From the very beginning, cultures all over the world have worshipped life, nature, animals, people and deities. People from archaic cultures around the world seemed to have the urge to create symbolic objects with specific intentions to hold various ceremonies and rituals. These objects were used as mediation devices for a way of communication between the sacred (the transcendent or the supernatural) and daily life. The two artists and creators of the Earthy Entities Verónica Córdoba (ARG) and Marina Stiegler (AT) asked themselves what kind of entities our world could need today to empower people to cope with the challenges coming their way, such as pollution (of the environment), poverty, hunger, isolating effects of media and technology, migration and xenophobia, discrimination, intolerance, totalitary regimes, etc. The creative process was guided by the following issues: topic selection; the design process, based on the reinterpretation of old forms and symbols in dialogue with elements of our contemporary visual cultures; the modelling process with clay as material for the creationn of new figurines. The first appearance of the Earthy Entities took place during an intense artist-tandem working period in the Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus in summer 2018 in Graz, Austria. Its outcome was exhibited there in the final exhibition Rendezvous im Bad. The Entities were presented as if they were an archaeological discovery made in the future. During this tandem working time, eleven Earthy Entities were born, each with a different intention. These Earthy Entities are ready to travel into new exhibition spaces and spread their message. Verónica Córdoba and Marina Stiegler plan to continue their contribution to the Earthy Entity family.